Useful links for budget travelers

Low-cost airlines (who flies where) (compares over 1000 airlines to find the cheapest flights) (choice of cheap destinations for specified city) (Turkey, Europe) (Asia and Africa through Dubai, UAE) (Asia and Africa through Sharjah, UAE) (Canada) (USA, Central America, Caribbean) (USA) (USA, Central America, Caribbean) (USA, Central America, Caribbean, Columbia) (USA) (USA, Central America, Caribbean, Columbia, Peru) (USA, Central America, Caribbean) (USA, Mexico) (Brazil) (Mexico) (Mexico) (Mexico) (China) (India, Southeastern Asia, Emirates) (India) (India, Southeastern Asia, Emirates, Nepal) (Indonesia) (Indonesia, Southeastern Asia) (Indonesia, Japan, Southeastern Asia) (Sri Lanka, India, Southeastern Asia, Emirates) (Thailand) (Vietnam, Thailand) (Vietnam, Taiwan, China, Singapore) (Southern Africa) (Australia, New Zealand, Fiji,  Southeastern Asia)

Railways (France) (France, Belgium, Netherlands, Western Germany) (Germany) (Italy) (Spain) (Poland)

Buses (Poland) (Spain) (Cyprus)


Cheap hotels, bed and breakfast, hostels and apartments

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