Tibet generated $2 billion in revenue from tourism in 2012

Revenues from tourism in Tibet increased by 30% to almost $2 billion in 2012.

According to Xinhua news, referring to the Department of Tourism of the Tibet Autonomous Region of China, last year Tibet welcomed more than 10 million tourists that is by 21.7% more than in 2011.

However, these figures are based on the total statistics of tourists, including visitors from different regions of China, and the specific number of foreign tourists is not specified.

Before last year, the number of foreigners in the total statistics of visitors to Tibet was 270 thousand.

Picture by ultexplorer.com.ua

Picture by ultexplorer.com.ua

According to the authorities, part of income received in tourism sector will be spent on improving the infrastructure of Tibet. There are 211 hotels and 70 natural parks in Tibet that need investments, Tourprom reports.
It is expected that additional investments in tourism sector will lead to further increase of tourist flow. Local authorities expect to see 15 million tourists in Tibet annually by 2015.

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