5 Ukrainians were detained in Poland for illegally obtained visas

Polish border guards detained five citizens of Ukraine because of illegally obtained visas. The Ukrainians, who were arrested near the border with Germany, had work visas, but didn’t intend to work in Poland, reported UNIAN with reference to the information department of the Border Guard of Poland. According to this report, the detained will be obliged to leave the territory of Poland. They also will be punished of the crime, but the punishment will be less severe than it could be because all five pleaded guilty.

Polish-German border.

Polish-German border.

The issuance of Polish visas to Ukrainian citizens in January – June 2012 increased by 13% compared with the same period of 2011 – to more than 310,000. On the other hand during the same period Polish border guards detained more than 800 Ukrainian citizens for violating visa rules in Poland. It’s 35 percent more than the corresponding figures of 2011.

Mostly people who were detained violated visa regime in other way, working in Poland without having a work visa. But sometimes the crime is opposite when Ukrainian tourists try to go further abroad (to other Schengen states) having only Polish national work visa.

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