Foreigners demand to ban Russian tourists from Thailand after the drunken fight incident

Foreign travelers demand to expel Russian tourists from Phuket resorts in Thailand. The Russian are accused of cruelty, racism, ignorance, drunkenness and organized crime. Local businessmen are also dissatisfied with the guests from Russia, but by a different reason: Russian competitors raid their clients.

A new wave of persecution of Russian tourists soared after the brutal beating of a Canadian businessman and his Thai girlfriend on the beach of Surin at Catch Beach Club. According to the Pattaya Daily News, about 2 AM a young Russian came up to Jen Hamsorn and hit her in the face, breaking girl’s nose. Then another three Russians dealt with the Canadian Tom Travers. The victims are in the hospital.

Canadian Tom Travers in the hospital. Source: Pattaya Daily News.

Canadian Tom Travers in the hospital. Source: Pattaya Daily News.

Mr. Travers says that it was “nothing to provoke the attack.” He has been living on the Phuket island for nine years, selling real estate and working as a DJ at Bliss Beach Club. At the hospital, he underwent surgery on a broken in three places cheekbone.

The local police had arrested two Russians, but after a night spent in the police station, they were released. It makes the story especially mysterious because Russian tourists who stole the wristwatch or broke a vase in the store and refused to pay for the damage in Thailand are taken to jail and never released until the trial.

The police explain this unusual situation: “Their passport data was recorded for the Department of Immigration, so they cannot leave Phuket until the investigation is completed. We gave back their passports, but we know their faces.”

In comments on websites and in social networks the outraged foreigners who live in Thailand, as well as foreign tourists, demand of the Thai authorities to ban the Russian tourists on entry the island of Phuket and other Thailand resorts. A typical post: “The Russian brought mafia, drug dealers, pimps and prostitutes to Thailand. Russian people are very rude, vain and often terribly drunk, barely speak English. The rich tourists will not come to Phuket, if Russians aren’t turned out.”

In the meantime the Russian sites, justifying their compatriots, assure: comments about drunkenness and aggression of Russian tourists sometimes are true, but the grown of prostitution in Thailand is satisfying demand of American and European visitors.

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