Digital revolution in Tel Aviv. All the city is covered with free WiFi connection hotspots

Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality is launching a digital revolution as part of the city’s over-all strategic plan to position Tel Aviv as the Startup City – a hub of innovation and creativity.

The latest feature in the grand scale project is free WiFi for residents and visitors. The city recently announced free online access in 80 different locations citywide including the beach, entertainment centers and other tourist attractions. Twenty of the locations were suggested by residents of the city via the municipal Facebook page.

Мапа точок безкоштовного доступу до Wi-Fi у Тель-Авіві.

The map of  free WiFi hotspots in Tel Aviv

“In our communications era, free access to internet is a basic service. This is another step at positioning Tel Aviv of the 21st century in one line with other global cities,” said Alon Solar, city council member and initiator of the project.


You can find the map of free Wi-Fi hotspots in Tel Aviv here.


The digital revolution includes:

*Digi-Tel city card: the new city card grants personalized discounts by categorizing the Tel Aviv resident: each resident that signs up for the service will be able to receive notifications regarding their residential area in Tel Aviv, and discounts in accordance to the resident’s fields of interest.

* Digital communication with the residents of the city: a mobile application that will advance all residential communication with the municipality to the digital era. Soon residents will be able to pay municipal taxes using this app, receive their parking permit via the app etc.

* Sophisticated GIS maps system with numerous layers of information essential to the residents and visitors of the city such as public institutions, synagogues, public restrooms, parks etc.

* Development of mobile applications using the city’s databases: the Municipality opened dozens of databases to the public in order to improve the public’s access to information. Seventy-two apps were recently created based on these databases, covering many aspects of urban life.

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