Force Majeure of La Tomatina 2015: participants of tomato battle crashed the Google car



Apparently, all computer users noticed the original Google Doodle today.
So Google celebrated the 70th anniversary of the biggest “food battle” in the World – Spanish La Tomatina.


This year the famous fun in the town of Buñol, Valencia beside gathered about 22000 participants, who used to “fight” more than 150000 kg of tomatoes.

The Tomatina 2015 was paid, that the two previous festivals.
The cheapest ticket costs 10 euros.


Prior to participation in La Tomatina began to take money, the festival was much more popular and in 2012 reached a record mark – 60000 participants.
But later organizers decided to still stop “freebie” – because tomatoes do not fall from the sky, and grown on the Valencia and Castellón fields. And number of participants tomato madness diminished.

Actually, such a number of festival participants, as in the years 2014-2015 – 22000 – Mayor of Buñol Rafael Perez believes “ideal” proportions relative to their town of 10000 inhabitants.


This time only two participants hospitalized – they suffered fractures due to falls. A few dozen people complained of minor cuts and bruises received during the “battle”.


A “force majeure” of the Tomatina 2015 was an “act of vandalism” as he called this event the mayor Perez.
According to the agency EFE, the festival participants broke car company Google with high-tech equipment, which recorded the event on video and conducted geolocation.

Google car, as planned, twice drove through the thick crowd exalted. In the second map, which started a little before schedule and went out of control of the organizers, dozens warriors – “tomatasos” directed his enthusiasm for car.

As a result, Google car has undergone significant damage. Broken windshield, mirrors and cameras on the roof that allow you to shoot a panorama of 360 degrees; corps received dings and scratches.


The mayor acknowledged that the perpetrators of the incident could not be found – said only that the site be seen clashes Australian flag in the hands of one of the attackers.
Search perpetrators will continue in cooperation local police and representatives of Google.


La Tomatina traditionally gathers as participants and observers from many countries. Especially on this holiday to Spain come tens of thousands of tourists. Most foreign visitors – from the UK, USA, Australia, Japan and India.

Now, in different countries there are dozens of websites that organize tours to La Tomatina in Buñol, and along with the surrounding regions of Valencia and Catalonia.

In addition to throwing tomatoes, tourists offering interesting options with accommodation and stay for several days; fireworks, music and dancing; special parties and afterparties; yachting and boating; wine, beer, gastronomic routes – with paella, seafood and local alcohol.


Tickets may also include a transfer from Valencia (to Buñol – 35 km) and from other towns and airports.

Among the many Tomatina souvenirs – branded T-shirts, sunglasses, helmets and special waterproof cases for smartphones, photo and video cameras.

Buol, Spain.  29th August 2012 - Two people smiling at La Tomatina in Buol.  - Once again the village of Buol is visited by 40,000 people.  Since 1945, what began as a joke has become one of the best festivals of the summer.  Five trucks unload 120 tons of tomatoes over 1 hour before it is thrown at each other.


Atention: ‘battle’ in Buñol lasts just one day – the last Wednesday of August. And only one hour – from 11:00 to noon.

Rules and safety standards of the Tomatina festival

  • La Tomatina is celebrated on the last Wednesday of August, so at different times to different accounts of the month.
  • Tomatina_braslet
  • Attribute participant who paid for access to the tomato “battle” is a special bracelet on his wrist.
  • Participants are advised to wear an old T-shirt, rubber soles for shoes. For women – swimwear under clothes.
  • At the places of the “battle” is prohibited to carry bottles and any solid objects that could injure others.
  • If you see a solid tomato, it must crush before quitting – not to injure the other participant.
  • You can not tear the clothes of the “enemy”.
  • Always observe distance with trucks that travel through the crowd.
  • It should immediately stop throwing tomatoes when the alarm sounds the end of the “battle”.
  • Carefully follow the security staff!


There are no winners and losers. The goal is total madness, fun, joy with adrenaline.
Many participants deliberately puts white shirts and lying in puddles of tomato juice to be more “beautiful” look.

Video: La Tomatina Festival 2015 – Buñol

All can “fight” against all.
Although, of course, many integrated into the team and happy “artillery duel” with other bands.


A particular target is the “regular” stuff of the Tomatina, traveling in the back of trucks and fired tomatoes surrounding crowd.

History of the La Tomatina

The roots of this extraordinary festival reaches times of the Franco dictatorship. In one version, throwing each other tomato was a symbolic protest against the authoritarian regime. But, probably, tomato battle in Buñol gained protest meaning already after that become famous throughout Spain.

The first tomato massacre happened  in 1945, when the harvest festival in Buñol group of youths – through carelessness or wanting to have fun – let the great figure of one of the parade, which was within the participant. He began to fight, joined by his friends. A scuffle took place near attractions vegetables, and tomatoes were throwing projectiles.

Police dispersed the bullies and forced them to pay for tainted tomatoes. But equally for the year were also gathered there already with their tomatoes.

Gradually the tomato fight in Buñol become traditional and wide. Despite dissatisfaction with the police, they participated more and more people.

La Tomatina 1970

La Tomatina 1970

In 1950, local authorities have not interfered with the Tomatina, as were called that day.

But the temperamental Spaniards are not always limited to throwing tomatoes at each other – sometimes under the distribution of vegetables fell and influential persons, which led to the ban celebrations in 1957.
Residents staged a crowded “funeral of the Tomatina” in which symbolic coffin with tomato swept streets, and the funeral procession, according to the rules, accompanied by the orchestra and mourners.
Under pressure from residents in 1959 local government lifted its ban and recognized La Tomatina official holiday of Buñol town.

By 1975, each participant brought own ripe tomatoes for the “battle”. In 1975 monks of the Order of St. Louis Bertrand, the patron saint of the town, began supply the red “ammunition”.
Another five years for organizing the celebration took local municipality, dramatically increasing the number of participants and amount of scattered tomatoes.

Most participants of La Tomatina gathered in 2012 – 60 thousand!

Tickets for La Tomatina: since 2013.

Ticket to the Tomatina costs 10 euros.



Not yet finished afterparties of the Tomatina 2015, and we can already buy online tickets for tomato madness of Buñol 2016.

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