TheGustibus: Electric cycle rickshaw with wines and food in Milan

TheGustibus Milano

TheGustibus (The Bus of Taste) is the new touristic atraction in Milan, Italy.

It’s a pedal-assist electric bicycle that fits up to 6 people (5 plus the driver).
It’s a bar that serves wine and craft beer.
It’s also a chance to taste a selection of typical Italian delicacies, such as cold meats, cheeses and olives.

Picture yourself pedalling with your friends and family down Milan’s most charming alleyways, surrounded by its most beautiful historic buildings – Duomo, La Scala Theatre, Brera Gallery, Nevigli and Darsena, all the while enjoying some of Italy’s finest food and wine.

TheGustibus offers three kinds of tours.


  • 60 minutes Tour
  • 2 drinks a person
  • salad snacks
  • customized playlist

Price – 20 €/person


  • 60 minutes ride beside Parco Sempione
  • 2 energetic drink a person
  • customized playlist

Price – 20 €/person


  • 60 minutes ride through city center
  • 2 drink a person
  • customized playlist

Price – 20 €/person

All activities always include a driver.

TheGustibus near the Milan Cathedral - Duomo

TheGustibus near the Milan Cathedral – Duomo

Biketour and Funtour can also take up to 30 minutes and cost 12 euro for person.

Try also Aperitour 30 minutes, with 1 drinks for each person: it costs only 13 euro.

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