Great Britain

English teenager shared photo of the Prime Minister eating Pringles on budget flight to Portugal

Is it possible not to take selfie with the Prime Minister eating chips across the aisle of you on a low-cost flight? The answer is ‘absolutely no’! So when Ashleigh, 16 noticed David Cameron seating 3 seats from

British tourist has been jailed in Morocco for apparently committing homosexual acts

A gay British tourist has been jailed in Morocco for apparently committing homosexual acts. Pink News reports that Ray Cole, 69, a retired magazine publisher from Deal, Kent, has been arrested and sentenced to four months in

British death in Crete: Greek islands consider segregated tourist “ghetto”

Following the killing of a young British tourist on Crete last week, the Greek island is considering setting up segregated nightlife zones for tourists — and other tourist hot spots in the country may follow suit. Tyrell

Kate Middleton delivery raises London tourism business

Great Britain is on pins and needles – the whole country is expecting a baby. When Kate Middleton gives birth to her and Prince William first child, millions across Britain will share in their joy. As doctors

The best hotel in the world is located on Irish sea

Which hotel do you think is the best in the world? Burj Al Arab of Dubai, Emirates Palace of Abu-Dhabi, Savoy of London? Try once more. As TripAdvisor reports, the best hotel in the world, according to

Excitement surrounding EU highest building tickets sales

A bird’s eye view of London from the tallest building in European Union – isn’t such pleasure worth a quarter of 100 pounds? If you think it is, try the new opportunity offered by the Shard skyscraper.