“Football, business, night life”. recommends Donbass hotels to the tourists without any mentions about the war

“Sport, business, night life” – that’s how the worlds’ biggest booking network advertises Donetsk. The fact that Donetsk and Lugansk are under control of DNR and LNR terrorist groups hardly affects the content of the It

Egypt hotel goes alcohol-free, creates women-only floor. VIDEO

Egypt’s first ‘dry’ hotel has been unveiled in the popular Red Sea city of Hurghada, according to news site Al Bawaba. Les Rois, a 183-room three-star hotel, has been voluntarily alcohol-free since April 27 when it held

The best hotel in the world is located on Irish sea

Which hotel do you think is the best in the world? Burj Al Arab of Dubai, Emirates Palace of Abu-Dhabi, Savoy of London? Try once more. As TripAdvisor reports, the best hotel in the world, according to

U.S. tourists killed by fire at hotel in Philippines

A fire swept through a hotel in a Philippine resort city early Friday, killing seven people, including three Americans, three Filipinos and a South Korean, authorities said. The three American men and the South Korean man were

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The most expensive hotels in the world (photo, video)

Five-star Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi (UAE) was submitted to the Guinness Book of Records in 2012 as the most expensive place for vacations. Official video of the hotel: For the most expensive vacation package in the world,

Over 20 tourists hospitalized after inhaling gas in Istanbul

At least 23 people were hospitalized in Istanbul after they inhaled toxic gas in the Modern Sultan Hotel, which is 2-minute walk from the Saint Sophia. 21 of the poisoned are foreign tourists (from Japan, Canada, Russia

Allergy-free hotel in Italian South Tyrol

If you suffer from allergy and are looking for the safe place for vacations – the Tirler Hotel in Italy may be the proper option. It’s located on the plateau of Alpe di Suzy (German title –