TheGustibus: Electric cycle rickshaw with wines and food in Milan

TheGustibus (The Bus of Taste) is the new touristic atraction in Milan, Italy. It’s a pedal-assist electric bicycle that fits up to 6 people (5 plus the driver). It’s a bar that serves wine and craft beer. It’s also a chance

World largest Lego version of Pompeii ever

Ryan McKnight spent a staggering 470 hours recreating the historic town of Pompeii entirely from Lego. McKnight who’s been nicknamed ‘The Brickman’ whiled away the equivalent of nearly three weeks (we assume that’s excluding toilet breaks etc.)

Colosseum’s arena floor restoration sparks debate

Italian cultural vinister Dario Francheschini likes the idea of putting the gladiatorial stage back into the Colosseum in Rome, and in a tweet on Sunday said that it would “just take a little courage” to do so.

Naked tourists frolic in priceless fountain

The moment a group of semi-naked French tourists frolic in a fountain in Rome, Italy, before being interrupted by police has been caught on camera. Footage shows the six holding hands and splashing late at night in

Unprecedented salvation of Costa Concordia cruise ship was successful (PHOTOS)

Engineers in Italy have succeeded in setting the cruise ship Costa Concordia upright, 20 months after it ran aground in Tyrrhenian Sea off the island of Giglio. In the operation that took all of Monday and most

The longest bicycle lane in Europe will launch in Italy Abruzzo region

Europe’s longest bicycle and walking path will soon stretch along the Adriatic coast in the Italian region of Abruzzo. Its length will be 131 km. Cyclists and foot travelers can easily reach the town of Martinsicuro (Teramo

Special offer: the same cruise as on Costa Concordia from $399

A year after the Costa Concordia liner wreck, Mediterranean cruises of Costa Crociere Company, based in Genoa, still remain popular among tourists. The Europe’s largest cruise company currently operates 14 cruise ships. For the winter/spring season Costa

Italy marks the first anniversary of Costa Concordia shipwreck with memorials to the victims

Memorials and minutes of silence mark the first anniversary of cruise liner Costa Concordia wreck on the Giglio island, other cities of Italy and all over the world. A huge passenger ship, which is known now as

Italy’s central bank blocks all electronic payments in Vatican

From the 1st of January, 2013  all electronic payments by bank cards throughout the Vatican have been suspended and the ‘hole in the wall’ machines are empty. Italy’s central bank has blocked all electronic payments through cash machines and

Allergy-free hotel in Italian South Tyrol

If you suffer from allergy and are looking for the safe place for vacations – the Tirler Hotel in Italy may be the proper option. It’s located on the plateau of Alpe di Suzy (German title –